October 12, 2015

On the Road: What ELC really means…

I always get asked what an ELC really is, and I never really know how to answer because to me there is no way to explain everything that goes into being a consultant for your sorority. I’ve tried the official job description, which is a consultant who helps and identifies the needs of a chapter, but I feel like that description doesn’t do my job justice.

This is my best attempt at describing what being an ELC means: 

  • It means having a support system of 20 other ELCs that know exactly what you’re going through and who you can call at any time of night just to make you laugh
  • It means patiently waiting for your schedule to find out where you will go and who you will get to work with next
  • It means getting to meet some of the most amazing women who do amazing things for chapters, and working alongside them to make a difference for an organization you both love
  • It means driving back and forth between Hobby Lobby and Home Deport because homecoming is right around the corner
  • It means becoming Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms for the chapter to help them win Step Show
  • It means wearing game day buttons and screaming Roll Tide, Hotty Toddy, and Geaux Tigers even though GO MEAN GREEN is still in your heart
  • It means always being the first to wake up, the last to get ready and the last to go to bed during recruitment
  • It means finding a place in your heart for the women of MIT, UNCW, Alabama, LSU, and Ole Miss; and most importantly finding a home away from home

Out of all of these statements I feel like I should give a more concrete definition, so here it goes: my unofficial definition is that being an ELC is the best job in the world, one where I get to make a difference for my fraternity and in women’s lives every day. I never understood how I could be as happy or proud of another chapter on bid day as my own, but no one can explain to you the joy, excitement and pride you experience when you see a chapter that you helped succeed and welcome a new member class on bid day. I didn’t think my post grad job would have me living in another sorority house or blowing up 10,000 balloons at 3:00 a.m., but I’ll never be able to explain the joy I get giving back to an organization that has given me so much.  I can’t imagine doing anything else. 

Mary Price (Gamma Eta–University of North Texas) is a first year educational leadership consultant. Learn more about Mary by clicking here.

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