October 19, 2015

On the Road: Each new place is a new adventure

I started my ELC adventures with 20 of my soon to be closest friends almost three months ago on a summer day in Chicago. We trained together, soaked up all of the knowledge we were given and laughed a lot along the way. A couple weeks later it was time for us to start traveling and make a difference in Alpha Phi chapters across North America. I was nervous to start my adventure, and I wanted to make an impact on each chapter I visited. But what I didn’t realize is the impact those chapters would have on me.

My first stop was University of Alabama, where I got to help my biggest rival. Even though I will always be a Tiger at heart, T-town will now be a place that holds special memories. Next on the road would be Florida State, where we chanted Hottie Tottie and bonded over rain delays. At Iowa State we laugh about all of the corn, and watch Grey’s Anatomy together. Indiana State taught me that sometimes it is 40 degrees in September and it is always more fun to have late night talks than sleep. I became “wicked” cool at New Hampshire, chanting Hoorah for A Phi, and I will never forget the countless Taco Bell runs in Eastern Washington. 

Now as I sit and listen to the girls’ excitement of College Game Day at Utah and reflect on my experiences thus far, I am beginning to realize that Alpha Phi has set me up on one unique, never ending adventure. The initial path was laid as a Delta Tau founding chapter member, where my sisters and I (somewhat lost) built the beginning of a strong sisterhood at LSU. My fellow ELCs now serve as my compass, providing guidance and navigation through life’s unexpected twists and turns. And now I am in the midst of one crazy expedition. With each stop, I learn something new and create new memories. I have met so many amazing women along the way, each of whom has impacted me and contributed to my Alpha Phi adventure.

Calli Simoneaux (Delta Tau - LSU) is a first year educational leadership consultant. Learn more about Calli by clicking here.

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