October 10, 2015

Founders' Day - Finding Your "Something Wonderful"

Framed in the kitchen of the Drake Alpha Phi chapter house is a quote by one of our Founders, Martha Foote Crow. It reads: “Every girl when she enters the Fraternity shall come not with the idea that she is to imitate the ideals of the Great Originals, but with the positive vow that she will struggle with her utmost to add something wonderful to that ideal.”

What a powerful statement to reflect on as we celebrate Founders’ Day; a day to think about our history and consider our future.

I often think about how groundbreaking the idea of a sorority was in the time when Alpha Phi was founded. Women were not often welcome in the higher education system. Alpha Phi was the result of a determined group of women bonding together to demand better for their own educational rights and the rights of women in decades to come. Especially in the current media depictions of sororities, it is important for us to remember the values and missions at the very core of Alpha Phi.

Reading the biographies of our Founders is incredibly inspiring. They are philanthropists, mathematicians, teachers, writers, linguists and so much more. I know that we can all think of women in our chapter that inspire us and have gone on to do amazing things. Our stories today help shape our Alpha Phi legacy. It is important to think of Founders’ Day as not only a celebration of our past, but a reflection of ways we can continue to build on this foundation that has been laid for us.

Maybe you want to study at Oxford, like Martha Foote Crow, or be a teacher, like Jane Higham. Or maybe you want to create an Alpha Phi legacy all your own. The mission of our founding was not just a one-time ritual, but also something that is a continuous attempt to make Alpha Phi an organization that supports women through lifelong achievement. The time and place may change, but we each have something that we can add to that mission. I encourage you to find your “something wonderful.”

Emily Sadecki (Gamma Omicron-Drake) is a member of Clara's Circle Leadership Council with Alpha Phi Foundation. 

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