October 28, 2015

Collegiate Perspective: Finding My Way

Throughout my collegiate experience I have made some important realizations, realizations that – along with support and advice from friends, family, professors and mentors – have helped me grow. Today I’d like to share a few tips I’ve implemented that are beneficial to any college student.

1. Eating the frog. In this context, the frog refers to the most dreadful or difficult task on your day’s to-do list. Making this the first task I work on makes me feel more accomplished and productive. Putting it off until the end of the day won’t benefit you. Ziglar says, “If you’ve got to eat a frog, sitting around looking at it doesn’t make it any better.”

2. Saving at least 10 percent, if not more. Build up your savings by taking 10 percent of your paycheck and depositing it into your savings account. That way, you’re well-prepared and less stressed in an emergency financial situation.

3. Learn to make one outstanding meal and one outstanding cup of coffee. No one will ever pass up a good home cooked meal or a greatly brewed cup of coffee. I learned to make great rosemary chicken with my special green beans!

4. Learn to articulate what you value in life and the qualities you value in other people. The ability to recognize what I find important and instilling those as a part of my core values has made me a more confident individual. Alpha Phi has played a huge part in helping me discover what I value in relationships. Being able to articulate this has allowed me to form new relationships while staying true to who I am.

5. Be able to defend your opinions. This is a lesson I learned early in college. Instead of regurgitating other’s opinions, do your research and find your own voice. People are more likely to listen to your opinions if they are truly your own, when you are able to elaborate on them and defend them with conviction.

6. Have some perspective. Being able to put yourself in other’s shoes and taking a moment to understand your peers is a commendable trait to have. We all come from different backgrounds and understanding that will help you with your relationships.

7. Weed out people that suck. Surround yourself with good company that makes you happy to be a part of this world. Be involved in their lives and they will want to be involved in yours.

I hope these realizations make an impact on your life like they have made on mine.

Darshana Panchal is a collegiate member at Creighton (Theta Delta) . Learn more about Darshana by clicking here.

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