August 29, 2015

On the Road: Welcome from a Friend’s Home

Working with a chapter that is one of your fellow ELC's alma maters can be a little intimidating. The chapter is prepared to ask you a million questions about their recently graduated friend and your new friend is excited to hear about what has been happening with their chapter since they have left. There is the possibility that you aren't everything that they've imagined you would be.

Those are a few things that make it different, but in many ways a visit to one of these chapters is just the same as the others, if not a little easier. Of course like any college women would, they've already gotten the scoop about you from their friend, so there is no awkward first introductions. The chapter members understand what an ELC is, but most of all they are extremely welcoming and understanding.

I got to stay in Abbey Winkleman's old bed in Salt Lake City, drink her left over coffee, and see the places she knew all too well from her days of living in the Phi. Maybe the best part of traveling to a chapter one of my coworkers came from is that it gave me an excuse to take time from my busy schedule to FaceTime one of my greatest friends. I feel as though I understand Abbey better now that I have experienced her home, and that I'm better prepared to help Beta Sigma grow into their potential since I understand where they have already been.

Dale Hoeffel (Theta Delta/Creighton) is a first year educational leadership consultant. Learn more about Dale by clicking here.

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