August 10, 2015

On the Road: Every Chapter, Everywhere

As a collegian, Alpha Phi was the most important part of my experience. I knew that Alpha Phi was an international organization, but it wasn’t until attending leadership programs like Emerging Leaders Institute (ELI), annual Leadership Conferences and Convention that I really understood that. Alpha Phi is important to collegians everywhere, at campuses all across North America.

After taking the educational leadership consultant (ELC) position, I knew that I would begin working with people who love Alpha Phi as much as I do. It then became a reality that women from Colorado, California, Nebraska, Louisiana, Washington, Minnesota, New York, New Jersey, Indiana, Arkansas, South Dakota, Texas and Utah all love this organization. 

After a long day of training, the ELCs went out to dinner together, and realized that all we had talked about that evening was Alpha Phi and everything we learned that day. That’s what happens when you put 21 women together who love Alpha Phi as much as we do.

We come from Beta-Northwestern, Delta-Cornell, Epsilon-Minnesota, Psi-South Dakota, Beta Gamma-Colorado, Beta Epsilon-Arizona, Beta Rho-Washington State, Beta Sigma-Utah, Beta Psi-San Jose State, Gamma Eta-North Texas, Gamma Kappa-CSU/Long Beach, Delta Rho-Ball State, Delta Tau- LSU, Epsilon Chi-Cal Poly, Eta Epsilon-Villanova, Eta Omicron-Virginia Tech and Theta Delta-Creighton, but now represent Alpha Phi. We look forward to meeting thousands more women from across North America who love Alpha Phi as much as we do.

Emily Nickels (Ball State/Delta Rho) is a first year educational leadership consultant. Learn more about Emily by clicking here.

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