June 3, 2015

Collegiate Perspective: Greek Love

In Alpha Phi we say the ivy of our chapters binds us together, however joining the Greek community creates a bond much larger than that of Alpha Phi alone. Yes we all gained a hundred or more new sisters and best friends, but we have also made countless everlasting friendships through philanthropies, socials, competitive pairings such as Greek Week or homecoming and many more opportunities to get to meet others.

Through being involved in the Greek community, we have all met other students who are in our classes, interning at the same company and even future roommates. The bond of Greek life is truly incomparable, and I think all of the Zeta Delta chapter women would agree with me when I say we are all already missing each other this summer. All of these friendships started with the desire to get involved and through doing so in the Greek community, we have made so many new friends and have even more friendships to make this upcoming year. This bond can lead to future networking opportunities, having friends nearby no matter where we might move to, and who knows, maybe even some of our future bridesmaids.

Another common saying in Alpha Phi, as with many other organizations, is “throw what you know”; but going along with this one of my favorite Greek quotes is “No matter the letters, we are all Greek together.” This is so true, and is just one example of how incredibly welcoming the Iowa State campus and Greek community have been to the Zeta Delta chapter of Alpha Phi. The pictures in this post are from Bid Day, where hundreds of women from other sororities gathered to shout and jump in excitement with us as we put on our Bid Day tanks and joined in the celebration of Alpha Phi.

Whether you’re a freshman, a senior, or anyone in between, we all get home sick from time to time. But by joining the Greek community you create a second home and family, both of which will create lifelong friendships and help you find where you belong.

Jamie Chamberlain is a collegiate blogger from Iowa State (Zeta Delta). Learn more about Jamie by clicking here.

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