March 13, 2015

The Alpha and the Phi: An Original Poem by Lindsay C. Billmeyer (Theta Phi)

They're just two simple letters that stand side by side,
Like the pride that we strive to keep as our guide.
Because we are sisters, united we stand.
Union hand in hand to tackle any demand that we think we can.
It's not just the love and the loyalty that makes it so great.
It's all of the morals and values that we encapsulate:
Sisterhood and scholarship to mold our minds and souls
Are created by the leadership we exemplify when we service our philanthropic goals.
Our diversity works to make us stronger as a whole
By building skills of all levels and traits of all roles.
No sister the same as the next that you meet,
Which allows us to stay sweet and dance through life to our own beat.
Our colors, silver, to shine in the light and stand tall and bright
So that we can reach with all of our might to fight for what is right.
Bordeaux, to show the crimson glow of a classy group of ladies that I am proud to know.
Two letters bound by ivy since 1872 to create strong minded women, who do what most won't do.
Women who I am proud to have representing me;
My lifelong friends: The Alpha and the Phi.

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