February 23, 2015

On the Road: I’ll Be There For You

As my journey as an ELC comes to an end, it feels similar to the series finale of your favorite TV show. One of the best things about the finale is when they include a “look back” at the journey the characters have been on to get to the end point. Here is the brief “highlight reel” of my 2014-2015 ELC journey.

Training: Walking into the Executive Office with each of our names on a bed in the bunk room. I remember giving each of the other consultants a hug as everyone arrived. Sitting in the conference room with our name tents, pens posed to jot notes about everything from BillHighway to Social Media Contracts. Seeing all of our faces photoshopped on a Beyoncé picture for “phi-erce” ambassador training, and struggling to get our emails set up on our computers.

On the road: I remember the first time I was at a chapter on my own with collegians packed in a room listening to a polish week presentation. Looking out at the crowd and telling myself “you can do this” before giving a workshop and feeling relieved with a reaffirming nod of a head in the audience. I remember the feeling at my first Bid Day as a consultant and knowing that the lack of sleep was worth the smiles beaming from the new members’ faces.

The Lasts: Seeing my last schedule, sending my last visit notices, or working with Kim to book my last set of flights. The feeling of how quickly this journey has come to a close and how much I have changed as an individual. The feeling of the last time I will submit a bid list, the last time attending Bid Day or the last time I will hear “Never Alone.”

Flashbacks of my amazing journey as an ELC bring a twinge of sadness that it is the season finale. The best part is seeing the awesome transformations and lessons learned on the road throughout the year – learning to be prepared for anything, surprised by nothing and appreciate everything! And most of all knowing that the friendships found on this journey can never be replaced.

Brie Strimbu (Beta Gamma-Colorado) is a first year educational leadership consultant. Learn more about Brie by clicking here.

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