February 11, 2015

Collegiate Perspective: Informal Made Easy

The informal bidding process is something that can allow a chapter to reach goals it never has before. However, it takes strategy and planning to make it work. For my chapter at Western Michigan, COB took our chapter from 75 members to 83, the largest our chapter has been in years. Our new member class reached a whopping 42 members, and I was lucky enough to add not only one but two new member to my Alpha Phi family! I was Director of COB when our chapter was growing, and I was determined to get us to campus total. I had a couple weapons in my arsenal that allowed me to accomplish this goal:

  1. Educate. Sometimes it can feel like the Director of COB is the only one who really cares about the process. This isn't going to help anyone. Boosting chapter morale and educating your chapter on the importance of COB will make the job easier in the long run. COB is no different than formal recruitment in that these are women who can be potential roommates or even a little sis (I snagged my second little sis through COB), so everyone should be interested and invested.
  2. Go neutral. Typically, after inviting women to our home and giving them a tour and such, I found it beneficial to take them to Starbucks or Froyo. Doing this takes them to neutral ground and can take some of the nerves away after being in a huge house with 50 loud strangers. It can be intimidating. Take this time to get to know these women, what they want out of your chapter, why they’re deciding to go Greek now, and other things that they’ll feel comfortable answering somewhere neutral.
Theta Delta's latest new member class after their pinning ceremony

COB isn't easy, nobody ever said it was. But if you work hard at it, it can lead to great success. Finding what works well for your chapter on your campus is key. Sometimes you have to make the wrong move to see what the right move is. And who knows, you just may find the other missing piece to your Greek family.

Gianna Petan is a collegiate member at Western Michigan (Delta Theta). Learn more about Gianna by clicking here.

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