April 9, 2014

On the Road: On the Same Team

As a consultant, sports conferences have come to actually mean something to me. As an undergraduate of the University of Arizona all I was aware of was the Pac-12—nothing else existed. The past two years of traveling, however, have opened my eyes to the wonders of college sports. While Alpha Phis are very dedicated to their Fraternity, they are also die hard sport fans. NCAA tournaments have become much more exciting to watch because I have personal ties to so many schools. I will always be a Wildcat through and through, but when they’re not playing, I cheer on my favorite Alpha Phi chapter teams!
One of the coolest experiences I had this year was being in Tallahassee at Florida State when they won the National Championship. I was with another consultant, Nikki Comer (Beta Gamma-Colorad), at FSU for move-in weekend to their brand new house. The house didn’t have cable yet so we “watched” the game by listening to the cheers, boos and screams we could hear through the window. When FSU won we looked out our window for about an hour—watching students run by cheering and cars drive by honking. I was a proud Seminole that day.
This month, I cheered on my alma mater as they battled in the March Madness tournament. Each year I make a bracket and compete against family and friends. This year I was able to create the most educated bracket choices ever thanks to the many Alpha Phi chapters I visited. 
As my time as a consultant comes to an end I will forever be grateful for the skills I have learned, the friends I have made, and the contagious school spirit. Thank you to the chapters I have visited that have taken me in and made me feel a part of their worlds, whether I was there for three days or three weeks.  I feel like I attended 30+ colleges and I will forever cheer them on in every aspect.
Emily Coulouras (Beta Epsilon-Arizona) is a second-year Educational Leadership Consultant.

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