April 10, 2014

Collegiate Perspective: You Know You're an Alpha Phi When...

As sisters  of Alpha Phi, we know the values that bind us together, but there are also those special “Alpha Phi Moments." You know you're an Alpha Phi when...
  • The Ivy League doesn’t only refer to a collection of elite schools
  • Your wardrobe is filled with red dresses and pearls suddenly become your thing
  • The letters AOE are more than a group of vowels
  • You can’t close your dresser drawers because it is over stuffed with Greek tees and philanthropy shirts
  • You can have an entire conversation about heart health
  • You still struggle with making the ivy sign
  • You have a hole in all of your blouses from your pin
  • You can hear your sisters before you see them
  • You start buying clothing to compliment the all of the silver and bordeaux in your closest
  • You correct people when they call us a sorority and not a fraternity
  • You also correct them when they mispronounce Phi ("Fee") and call it Ph-I ("Fi")
  • Someone gives you a forget-me-not as a graduation send-off
  • Its winter and you're in a white dress
  • It’s February and you know its Heart Health Month
  • Evanston, Illinois is more than just the home of Northwestern
  • You look up at the night sky, see the Ursa Major and know you aren't alone
Lo Holman is a collegian at Marquette (Eta Mu). Learn more about Lo by clicking here.

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