February 26, 2014

Collegiate Pespective: Sisterhood...It’s the Little Things that Last for a Lifetime!

Alpha Phi celebrates sisterhood! As one of our founding values, it is important to integrate it into our daily lives any chance we get.

As stated on alphaphi.org, "Alpha Phi allows her members to develop life-long friendships based on mutual support and unconditional love. Alpha Phis enjoy a sincere sisterhood throughout college and in every stage of their lives."

It’s true that you will get to know your sisters through chapter, mixers and other organized events. However, it is also important to plan time to get your sisters together and ensure they all feel included. I joined the Xi chapter at Toronto through formal recruitment in the fall and was recently appointed director of sisterhood. I was overjoyed and excited to look at all the different ways that I could get the women of my chapter to spend time with each other and strengthen their sisterhood bonds. One of the successful ideas that we tried out was a Sisterhood Journal, which consists of a picture and a page designated to each sister. This journal is left in the common dining room at our chapter house and we are able to leave little messages or memories that our sisters can look at when they need a pick-me-up. 

In March we have scheduled an optional Disney-themed sleepover at our chapter house. This event will consist of a potluck dinner, Disney movie and mani/pedis. It’s a way to get all the sisters in one place and have fun together. It does not have to cost a lot to host events if everyone is willing to pitch in; and in the end, it doesn’t matter what you choose to plan as long as you have your sisters by your side.
In reality, it’s the little things that count. It’s having one of your sisters tell you they appreciate your hard work and dedication to the chapter, or someone noticing how hard you have been working at school. Or even having one of your sisters notice that you have something troubling you and letting you know they will always be there. To me this is what sisterhood is. It’s not about the events, parties, or stories. It’s about me counting on you, and you in turn being able to count on me.

Coming up with event ideas does not have to be time consuming or expensive. Sometimes it can be hard making connections on your own since most of our chapters have 50+ members. It’s through events like these or finding time outside your busy schedules where meaningful interactions can take place and lifelong bonds can be made.

It is coming down to crunch time with exams just around the corner and final assignment due dates calling your name. So take some time to plan a coffee date or sisterhood bowling night, and definitely make sure to take some time for yourself, and your sisters, and relax.

Sukhe Mann is a collegiate member at University of Toronto (Xi). You can learn more about Sukhe by clicking here.

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