April 26, 2013

Featured Product Friday: Hand-Stamped Pendant by E. Ria Designs

This Alpha Phi necklace by E. Ria Designs features a gold-filled (20% 14K gold content, double-clad) 5/8" pendant, hand stamped with the Greek letters "alpha" and "phi". Using traditional hand tools, this vendor stamps each letter into the surface of the gold pendant, then gently brushes the surface for an elegant finish. The pendant is the size of a US dime. Priced at $40.00. Click here to see more details on this product.

Choose one of three chain lengths: 16", 18" or 20". Please specify chain length in the blank message box at checkout. This vendor's product schedule is posted under her shop header in the announcements section on this page.


April 19, 2013

How to maintain energy for Alpha Phi? Join a local Alumnae Chapter!

The last meeting I headed to for my local alumnae chapter was a cold, rainy day; one of those reminders that Mother Nature is still in control in our area. Even if we’d worn shorts last week, it was still time to bundle up. I baked my pound cake for the “Skinny Salads and Fat Desserts” meeting. Still cold, still wet, I bundled up for the drive, Google Maps plotted on my phone. 37 minutes, 43 with traffic.

What drives someone to leave their warm home and head out for an hour or two? For me, it’s the energy I get from attending our alumnae group meetings!

Some of the “regulars” are there at this meeting, but so are four others whom I don’t know very well.  There was someone who lived in my hometown for a time, someone who shares a job similar to a long lost friend, and two other just getting started as young alumnae. Those women, sister strangers, brought smiles to my face. Their stories made me think about why it’s so incredibly important for women to connect to their identity; to what was formative and helped launch them into their present world.

I am an Alpha Phi. Sure, a good number of people mock me for my continued involvement. Regardless of where you are on your path as an alumna, I guarantee that your career, your volunteerism, and your family relationships are connected to lessons learned as a collegian.

It’s easy enough to say that you’re too busy to engage with a local chapter or with an alumnae group. Doing so only hurts you. Think of the pre-flight directives on an aircraft: “Be sure to put your oxygen mask on first and then help those around you.” What I get from my time with Alpha Phi helps me in my day-to-day living. Alumnae engagement will help you flourish in life after college, too! 

Melinda Wedding (Gamma Iota-Texas Tech) currently lives in McKinney, Texas with her husband, two daughters, and a new dog. In addition to working part time with an event planner and as a contract recruiter, she volunteers at school and at church. She loves being an active member of the Dallas-Suburban Alumnae group and recently joined McKinney Area Alumnae Panhellenic.

Featured Product Friday: Personalized License Plate Frames from Greek Girl Shop!

Greek Girl Shop is now offering personalized license plate frames, including chapter specific frames and alumnae frames! The frames are available in pink, gold, red, and magenta glitter, in addition to burgandy. Individual plates retail at $28 and personalized plates are $35. Group discounts are available. Click here for more information!

 *Hardware not included*

April 12, 2013

Featured Product Friday: iPhone Covers from Sorority Girl Store

Sorority Girl Store has added some adorable iPhone covers to their inventory! The “Florette” iPhone case is available in black and white and fits the iPhone 4 or 4s. Price is $28. Discounts offered for group orders. Orders ship in approximately 7 to 9 days. Chapter checks accepted. Call or email for details: 615-627-0049 or info@sororitygirlstore.com.

Click here to view details!
*iPhone 5 cover also available on sororitygirlstore.com*

April 10, 2013

Deeply Rooted in Alpha Phi

By Nancy Bennett (Delta Tau-Louisiana State)

As an avid gardener, I do landscape design part time as a business. With spring rapidly approaching, I was doing some prep work in the yard today. It involved digging out some invasive forget-me-nots I had planted that were choking out the groundcover. Also in my garden are some forget-me-nots that an Alpha Phi sister nearby gave me years ago – they have since have spread into unintended places.

It recently occurred to me that our Alpha Phi Founders may have had some gardening insight in selecting forget-me-nots as our main flower and the Ivy as our symbol.  Forget-me-nots are early spring bloomers. When they do go to seed, the seeds stick to my socks and pants and hence, they spread easily to unintended places.  Ivy, as anyone who has ever had it knows, spreads out long vines that root and quickly grow to cover a yard in a short amount of time as its roots dig in.

Just like the forget-me-nots, Alpha Phi sticks to you. Like the ivy, it roots itself in your being and becomes pervasive in your everyday life. It never goes completely dormant. Alpha Phi rooted itself in me from the very beginning.  It grew to be a very important part of my life in college.  At different times as an alumna, I have experienced new growth by always meeting new Alpha Phi friends and taking on new involvement with Alpha Phi.  The old friends from college have remained close and have been sturdy and grown with me like the Ivy.

This August, 41 years after I joined Alpha Phi at LSU (Louisiana State University, Geaux Tigers!), I, along with my Delta Tau sisters, will get to experience a re-birth of our chapter.  It will be like spring to me when the forget-me-nots are amongst the first flowers to bloom, showing their beauty after the long, cold winter.  The anticipation of the re-birth of Delta Tau is palpable amongst our chapter sisters and other Alpha Phis in the area.  We have gotten together regularly for years and the planned colonization has been a shot in the arm to our alumnae group.

So, as I hope many Alpha Phis would agree, embrace the ivy that takes root in each of us as we join.  It will always be there, evergreen, deeply rooted—but always invite the new growth in Alpha Phi like the forget-me-nots because, the opportunity to meet new friends and have new experiences is very special.
I look forward to this August as a new spring, with new growth for Alpha Phi, for Delta Tau and for me!

Nancy Bennett (Delta Tau-Louisiana State) currently lives in Palos Verdes Estates, CA.  She is an active volunteer in the community as a member of Junior League, DAR, PTA President, Animal Rescue Fresno, Fresno Alumnae Panhellenic and of course, forming an Alpha Phi Alumnae Chapter here that existed for about 14 years.  She also served as a District Alumnae Coordinator for Alpha Phi for several years and has attended four conventions over the years. She is thrilled to have been a Delta Tau at LSU—especially with its upcoming re-colonization! 

April 5, 2013

Featured Product Friday: Graduation Stoles from Herff Jones!

The Alpha Phi recognition stole from Herff Jones is the perfect accessory for your cap and gown. The stole features grey Alpha Phi Greek Letters. For express shipping please call 1.800.451.3304 (please ask for Greek Customer Service). In most cases, stoles will schedule to ship within ONE WEEK! Priced at $35.00, this is the perfect gift to celebrate the Alpha Phi graduate! Click here for details.