October 5, 2013

On the Road: Perfecting the Pack

Since I started this incredible journey as an ELC two months ago, I’ve received the same question on every chapter visit...what’s the hardest part of your job? Prior to starting this adventure, I would have thought my response would be being away from home, never knowing what time zone you are actually in, or the occasional lack of sleep. However, nothing compares to the difficulty of packing two months of clothing in one suitcase (limited to 50 pounds) and a small carry on. With that being said, I thought I might share some packing tips I have learned on the road. 

Want vs. Need: Think to yourself, do I actually need every item in this bag? If the answer is no, leave it behind!  

Roll and Pack: Because your carry on can be as heavy as you want, rolling your clothes rather than folding them allows you to squeeze more into that little carry on than you think. It also prevents your clothes from wrinkling! 

Check in Curbside: It is way faster than standing in those lengthy lines inside the airport. 

Fixed Rate Mail: When you just can’t seem to keep the weight of your suitcase within the weight requirement, the post office can come to your rescue as it has for me three times since I started this job.  They have fixed rate boxes that cost the same amount to ship regardless of the weight!  

Though perfecting the pack has been difficult, these past two months have been filled with so many incredible opportunities and experiences. The chapters I’ve visited, the women I’ve met and the advisors I’ve worked with have all made a lasting impression on me that will last a lifetime. As the saying goes, from the outside looking in you can’t understand it, but from the inside looking out you can’t explain it. This could not be more accurate of my experience as an ELC thus far. I am so excited to work with many more of the incredible chapters and women that make this organization so outstanding.   

Melissa Mauer (Epsilon Rho-UC/Davis) is a first year Educational Leadership Consultant.

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