October 30, 2013

On the Road: Individually Unique, Together Complete

Throughout each of my visits, I have encountered a wide variety of living situations. I am asked many questions along the way, but one questions seems to be particularly frequent: “So…where do you live?” I usually answer this question by turning towards my 27-inch suitcase and its 21-inch matching carry-on, both of which contain my life essentials.

Then I think about it, and, really, I live in many places. I’ve lived on 30 planes (but who’s counting?), in dozens of airports, and a few hotels. I’ve lived in an apartment, numerous bunkrooms with collegians, and chapter guest rooms. But when I really look at where I’ve lived, it’s not just the facilities I stay in but how I feel when I stay with each of these chapters. It’s the voices of sisters filled with excitement after a successful day of recruitment, members sitting in the TV room laughing and chatting about their daily lives, or watching how happy members are when they are reunited with their sisters at chapter meetings after spending even just a few days apart from one other. These are just some of the joyful moments that make my time as an ELC unforgettable.

Many things define each of our 159 Alpha Phi chapters, but regardless of where they live, members of Alpha Phi have more in common than I could have ever imagined. Alpha Phis are compassionate about sisterhood, learning and leadership, and strive to develop their futures through scholastic achievements. Their journeys may lead them to many different places, but their Alpha Phi journey is one that will always lead them home. And regardless of where I live, and no matter where I go, I will always find a home when I am with my Alpha Phi sisters.

Bridgett Giery (Gamma Pi-Arizona State) is a first year ELC.

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