October 15, 2013

Founders' Day Follow Up: Supporting What Alpha Phi is All About!


Founders’ Day means something different for every Alpha Phi, and each year on October 10, I come to a new realization about why I love Alpha Phi. This year may have been the best realization for me yet.

It’s no secret that we are an international organization, with chapters spanning across the United States and Canada. The immensity of this fact became very real for me this year.

As most of our sisters did, on October 10 I took to social media to share my pride for our organization’s 141st celebration. I browsed through the tweets, posts and pictures of women and alumnae from all over North America, until I came across one post in particular that made me stop mid-scroll.

“I believe in it as a shrine of international sisterhood wherein I may find love and loyalty, sympathy and understanding, inspiration and opportunity. This describes [Alpha Phi] so well! Love you ladies. Have a great Founders’ Day!”

This post from a sister in Michigan made me truly appreciate how we are an international sisterhood. We all have different bid days, formals, and chapter-specific traditions, but once a year—every year—each sister has something in common, the strong bond of Alpha Phi sisterhood and the tradition our Founders established in 1872.  On this day, we come together to celebrate our history and where we come from. Happy belated Founders’ Day and AOE to all Alpha Phi sisters.

Thanks to collegiate member Gabby Dixon (Eta Delta-Adrian) for being such an inspiration and allowing me to highlight your post!

Emily Nickels is a collegiate member at Ball State (Delta Rho). Read her bio by clicking here.

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