November 21, 2012

Collegiate Perspective: Holding a Successful Event on Campus

The Gamma Eta chapter helps to raise money for the Alpha Phi Foundation on campus at The University of North Texas through an annual event called Pancake Phi’st. We invite students from all over campus to come to our chapter house and eat as many pancakes as they can, all night long. From 9pm-3am our sisters serve buttermilk, chocolate chip and blueberry pancakes to our guests. Everyone pays $5 at the door and can stay and hangout as long as they like. This event is another way that we are able to come together as sisters to work to increase awareness for women’s heart health. Here are some ways that you can help to make your philanthropy event-- or any event for that matter-- the best one on campus.

Set the date for your event at the beginning of the semester. The longer that you give your chapter to prepare, the more successful your event will be. Pre-planning gives everyone time to get excited and to work through all major and minor details.

Most of us know that social media is the easiest and sometimes the most effective way to spread the word to the masses. Your event absolutely needs a Facebook event page so that sisters and friends can easily invite people to the event. With the event page you can also remind guests of pertinent information, inform them of any changes and make sure that everyone knows what is going on. This is also a good place to explain what your philanthropy does and include links to the International website and Foundation website for people to learn more about the cause!

Keep the Cost Low
$5 per person is cheap for unlimited amounts of pancakes. Keeping the cost low will help your chapter to bring more hungry college students through the event as the night goes on. More people = more money for the Alpha Phi Foundation!

Keep the Energy High
Keep the party going! Make a playlist that you know everyone will want to sing and dance to. Rotate the members of your chapter so that everyone can work together equally. Working with sisters is fun, and doesn’t feel like work at all. Make sure that sisters have equal time in all areas of the kitchen and party so that everyone gets to see the excitement of the event. This is also an excellent time for your older members to bond with newly initiated sisters!

Most universities have brand reps that would love to come promote at your event! This year we had Southern Tide come and give away products. This keeps things exciting and attracts more guests. And be sure to get these promotions approved by someone at the Executive Office Staff before moving forward!

Remember the Cause
Know that your chapter’s contributions, whatever they may be, are going to a cause that is very close to all of our hearts. Remember that the work you do is appreciated by the many connected to women’s heart health and the Alpha Phi Foundation.

Alex Hudson is a collegiate member at Gamma Eta (North Texas). Read her bio here.

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