June 6, 2012

Collegiate Perspective Blogger Attends Rho Centennial

Being part of a sisterhood such as Alpha Phi means that no matter where you go, you will always find a sister with a kind heart and open arms. At the end of April, the wonderful collegians and alumnae of Rho chapter demonstrated this to me at their Centennial celebration.

The whole weekend was executed perfectly. Friday night kicked off with a welcome cocktail party at the Blackwell Inn. The room was filled with women from dozens of different pledge classes mingling, catching up and sharing laughs about old memories. When the members of Rho learned that I was a freshman at Alabama, they immediately wanted to know about the Beta Mu chapter, and I shared stories about our sisterhood, philanthropy and chapter events.

On Saturday, Rho collegiate members treated us to tours of the Alpha Phi chapter house and the Ohio State campus. The celebrations continued on into the early evening when we were all treated to dinner at the Ohio Union, a gorgeous building designed by alumna Beth Wiltberger Ullum (Rho ’82). Before we ate, I had the chance to meet some more of the collegiate members. They immediately impressed me by how well-rounded, funny and beautiful they all were. At dinner I sat with Julie, my godmother, her big, Lisa Murtha Colosimo and some senior collegiate members. They were all graduating in a few short weeks, so they spoke about exciting dreams that they were ready to pursue.

Something that Rho chapter showed me at their Centennial celebration was that no matter where you’re from, what chapter you pledged or how long ago you graduated, when you meet another sister, you can feel our strong bond thanks to a shared love for Alpha Phi.

Cate Cullen is a collegiate member at Alabama (Beta Mu). Read her bio here.

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