May 28, 2012

Inside the EO: Fresh Faces

1. What is your name? Sarah Dariano
2. Where are you originally from? I’m from Perrysburg, Ohio

3. Where did you attend college and what chapter were you a part of there? I went to school at Bowling Green State University, the Beta Omicron chapter of Alpha Phi.

4. What was your major in college? I majored in Biology with a Chemistry minor.

5. What was your plan post-graduation? I had always planned on going to medical school, but then I became a consultant for Alpha Phi and fell in love with working for this organization. In my first year as a consultant I worked primarily with our new chapter at Florida State and a bit with our young chapter at Alabama. In my second year as a consultant I worked with our new chapters at Utah, Whitman and Clemson, and continued to support our young chapter at Alabama.

6. Why did you decide to work for Alpha Phi International Fraternity? Honestly, I applied to be a consultant on a whim thinking that it would be a fun experience for a year and then I would pursue a career in the medical field. After my first year as a consultant I couldn’t think of anything I would rather be doing.

7. What is your job title? My job title is the Program Coordinator of Colony Development, so I will be working with our newest colonies from their bid day through the installation of their chapter.

8. How long have you been working for Alpha Phi? How long have you been in your current position? I am just starting this new position on June 1, but on July 15 I will have been with Alpha Phi for two years.

9. What is your favorite memory of Alpha Phi—as a collegian, alumna, or staff member? My favorite memory of Alpha Phi was bid day for our new colony at Florida State. It was the first colonization that I experienced and to see all 140 of those women show up so excited to be an Alpha Phi was absolutely amazing!

10. What do you like best about working at the Executive Office/What drew you to work at the Executive Office? My favorite part about working at the Executive Office is all of the people that work there. I have had the pleasure of working with 25 consultants over my two years as well as all of the staff members, which makes me want to do my job better not only for myself and the students I work with, but also for my co-workers.
11. What are some of your goals for the next few years? Over the next few years I hope to help streamline Alpha Phi’s colony development process as well as continue to support the consultants who are working with the colonies.

12. Do you have any advice for current collegiate members? Stay involved with Alpha Phi after college! I absolutely loved my collegiate Alpha Phi experience, but I have loved my post-college experiences with Alpha Phi that much more. You can join an alumnae chapter, volunteer on a regional team, work for the executive office and anything in between, but definitely do something!

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