February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, Alpha Phi asked members what they love and value most about this amazing sisterhood. We were inspired by your responses!

“I love Alpha Phi because it is timeless. No matter what chapter I visit, what generation I talk to, every woman is welcoming, inspiring, and beautiful.”

“As an International student from Sweden, Alpha Phi became my family and protection. It is a family filled with strong, independent women!”

“I love Alpha Phi for pushing me beyond my own expectations…”

“I finally found somewhere I belong.”

“Alpha Phi is what made me love my whole college experience- I met by best friends through Alpha Phi, learned how to be a strong, classy, real women and had the time of my life. Thanks, Alpha Phi!”

“I love having 50+ sisters who will go see The Vow with me tonight!”

“Alpha Phi is my home, my life, & my all. It feels right.”

“I met my very best friend in Alpha Phi! What's not to LOVE about that?”

♥        ♥      ♥       ♥      ♥       ♥

“I love Alpha Phi because I have the most amazing sisters, and because I am now a part of an amazing Greek community. I love Alpha Phi because of ELI, and the best 5 days of my life with sisters from all around North America. I love Alpha Phi because we hold ourselves to a higher standard, and we are poised, beautiful, intelligent women who can accomplish anything. I love Alpha Phi because it is where I have met my best friends.”

“I love this Fraternity because it has allowed me to bond with so many unique and amazing women. Being a part of something so rich in its history is something that I will cherish all of my life. I am an only child, and have made incredible bonds with people that I will never forget. Alpha Phi has given me an all new meaning to family.”

“We love Alpha Phi for the sisterhood it has created for us and the 90 best friends we get to see whenever we are on campus. Eta Beta's love their APhi Valentines.”

“I love that I'm still proud to tell people I'm an Alpha Phi, after 20+ years since bid day!”

“After spending the weekend in Detroit with all my sisters I am full of love for all things alpha phi! Amazing women of all ages!”

“Alpha Phi helped me become a better version of myself through unconditional love and support.”

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