October 19, 2011

Recruitment as a Remedy for Job Stress

The post-graduation job panic has already begun—and it’s only October. I find myself in a What’s next? conversation almost every day, and the state of the economy certainly doesn’t make the job hunt seem easier. We, as sorority women, may not be able to control the amount of jobs available; however, we can control our likelihood of landing that competitive job with the help of a little something called self-confidence.

When applying for summer internships last year, I wanted to make sure I looked good on and off the paper. Preparation is definitely key when trying to land that dream job, but there is a such thing as too much preparation. I definitely learned that lesson in those stressful months. I attended so many mock interviews and resume critique sessions that I did not sound or look prepared anymore; I looked and sounded like a robot.

I discovered how to escape this over-prepared predicament at an unexpected time—during my chapter’s recruitment practice. We were going over conversation topics to bring up with potential new members when it hit me: the interview process is a lot like recruitment. In recruitment, you can’t rehearse every detail, but you can be prepared to answer questions in a way that makes you look poised, well-spoken and capable. Likewise, in an interview, you must be able to think quickly while also having some prepared responses in your head to questions you know you’ll be asked. After four years in Alpha Phi, I’d like to think of myself as somewhat of a recruitment pro, so I realized there should be no reason to panic. Many experiences like recruitment may seem specific to college life, but if break them down to their core, you might just find how to apply these experiences to your aspirations in the real world.

Danielle Honig is a collegiate member at Connecticut (Iota Lambda).

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