October 11, 2011

Giving Back to Local University Chapters

Remember when you were a kid, it was your birthday and you were opening all those fabulous gifts? There were beautiful bows, and bright colored paper and inside something new, a very special something you had been wanting for months or weeks. And when the party was done, somehow you ended up having to share because your mom would say, correction, yell “Share!” across the house.

Sharing was a major flaw in the birthday system. Unfortunately, mom’s words still ring true; however, these days you aren’t sharing toys or clothes, you need to share your talents.

When you hear about giving back to Alpha Phi, I know the first thing that pops in your head is money, cash, dinero, moola, greenbacks and so on. But if cash were the only thing that Alpha Phi needed, life would be simple.

Alpha Phi’s collegiate chapters actually need you. The collegiate members need guidance and mentoring to help them through their college experience and getting their first step out in the real world. Sometimes advisors aren’t enough.

If not an advisor, then what? - Everyone has a talent. Let me repeat that, EVERYONE has a talent. For some it’s resume writing. For others it may be fashion sense. For the very select few it’s social and conversation skills that allow them to talk candidly to a stranger as if speaking to an old friend, and for even fewer, it’s the financial know-how for a college budget.

No matter what your talents, there is a collegiate chapter or collegiate member who is need of your friendship through mentoring.

Please consider volunteering to help the nearest collegiate chapter by volunteering your talents at a chapter meeting, special workshop, polish week, or recruitment.

Here are some ways Alpha Phi could use your help:
  • Resume workshops
  • "Dress for Success" workshops
  • Mock job interviews
  • Financial advice (budgeting post-graduation)
  • Song practice
  • Mock recruitment parties
And the list could go on and on.

Pick up the phone or log onto www.alphaphi.org and reach out to the nearest collegiate chapter to volunteer your talents. Yes, mom was right, life is not fair, eat your veggies and share!

Look on the bright side, you might actually enjoy yourself (GASP!).

Jennifer Hernandez (Iota Beta-St Mary's) currently resides in Bay Harbor Islands, FL.

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