October 26, 2011

Collegiate Perspective: Fostering First-Year Leadership

The first few months of membership in Alpha Phi set the tone for long-term investment and leadership in the Fraternity. Here are three easy ways to cultivate first-year leadership in your chapters!

1) New members have the potential to set an example for your whole chapter! Encourage them to live Alpha Phi’s values and standards on a daily basis. As we move through the years, it’s easy to become complacent. New members can help remind the chapter of the values and principles that help us grow as women of character.

2) Make sure to provide multiple leadership opportunities within the first year. You’ll likely be able to pick out some obvious leaders early in the new member period. Take care to foster their leadership, but make sure that you provide opportunities for all new members. Ask chapter officers to look to new members for assistance on committees and with planning. Getting involved in aspects of chapter-specific leadership has long-term benefits for the chapter as well as individual membership.

3) Finally, encourage all new members to apply for leadership programs, either nationally or on your campus. Alpha Phi’s Emerging Leaders Institute was one of the most transformational experiences in my membership. It inspired me to get involved, build my chapter, and live Alpha Phi’s values throughout my lifetime. Check out this great video about the program!

Kelsey Moore is a collegiate member at DePauw University (Gamma).

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