July 18, 2011

Inside the EO: Fresh Faces Series

What is your name? Rachel Smith

Where are you originally from? Indianapolis, IN

Where did you attend college and what chapter were you apart of there? I was initiated at University of Dayton and was a part of the Zeta Psi chapter for 2 years.  After my sophomore year at Dayton, I transferred to the Delta Rho chapter at Ball State where I completed my degree.

What was your major in college? Public Communication.

What was your plan post-graduation?  Did you pursue a graduate degree post-graduation?  My plan after graduation was to pursue a career in the communication field.

Why did you decide to work for Alpha Phi International Fraternity?  I loved my time as a collegian and then also now as an alumna and have always wanted to make it into a career.  I can truly say that I love what I do!

What is your job title?  I am the Coordinator of Events and Administrative Services.

How long have you been working at the Executive Office?  How long have you been in your current position?  I have been working in my current position at the Executive Office since early July. 

What is your favorite memory of Alpha Phi –as a collegian, alumna, or staff member?  I have quite a few favorite memories, but forced to choose just one—I would say that my favorite memory of Alpha Phi as a collegian would have to be my time at ELI (Emerging Leaders Institute).  I met so many wonderful sisters from all different backgrounds and was able to not only learn so much from them, but also create lasting friendships. 

What do you like best about working at the Executive Office?  I love that everyone at the Executive Office truly has a passion for this organization and are all doing everything they can to help it be the best!

What are some of your goals for the next few years?  I am really looking forward to learning from everyone here at the Executive Office and evolving in my new role as an alumna. 

Do you have any advice for current collegiate members?  Enjoy every minute of being a collegian and truly do your best to be involved.  The same can be said when you become an alumna—do everything you can to stay involved with your local chapter and the other alumnae that are around you.  I promise you will not regret it!

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