June 30, 2011

Summer Phiunion Planning: Party Themes

Party themes and decorations are not required for a great summer Phiunion, but if you do want to go all out, here are some fun ideas.

Appetizer Potluck

My pledge sisters and I have done this several times. Everyone brings an appetizer to the hosting pledge sister’s home with several note cards that include the recipe. Set them out with your appetizer and your pledge sisters can not only try your delicious dish, but they can also take the recipe home with them.

You can add another component to this party such as a game night. “Catch Phrase” is always fun but nothing brings a group closer than “Charades” – there’s just something about making a fool of yourself that everyone loves.

Taste of the City

Consider going out on the town with this fun idea. Do some research and find the most popular or unique restaurants in your city. Block off between four and six hours of time and devote an hour to each restaurant.

Grab a few appetizers, entrees or tapas from the menu and share with sisters at each location. After an hour, move on to the next restaurant. It’s a great way to get to know both your pledge sisters and the city better.


If your pledge sisters are crafty, try this alternative. Have a couple sisters bring ideas and supplies for a few crafts. Here are some of my favorite craft activities that I’ve come across recently:

Rosette necklace tutorial from Cat at brideblu on oh! hello friend: you are loved.

You don’t have to limit this project to necklaces.  Try a pin or a headband; just sew a felt backing across the entire back of the pin.

Jewelry stand from Barb of Knack Studios courtesy of “oh! hello friend: you are loved.”

Kathryn Knight Randolph (Gamma-DePauw) currently resides in Chicago, IL.

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