April 21, 2011

Letting Go of Alpha Phi as a Collegian: How to Stay Involved

Hosting a senior banquet for the graduating members to share their experiences and to hand down any Alpha Phi keepsakes is a wonderful way to generate lifetime Alpha Phi commitment. We have an alumna from the Northern Virginia Alumnae Chapter speak during the ceremony, which is usually Jackee Schools, Operations and Programming Coordinator for the Southeast Region. Jackee always asks the seniors to do three things at this ceremony: pay their alumnae dues, come back for our Mock Preference Ceremony before recruitment in the fall and attend our Red Dress Gala in the spring. Many of our alumnae stay in the area, so these three things tend to be upheld by our recent graduates.

But what about sisters who may not be spending post-graduation in their college town? How can we stay involved? Once I decided I would be moving from Virginia back to my home state of California, I immediately began researching how I could stay involved with Alpha Phi, even if I wasn’t around the sisters and chapter I went through college with.

For recent graduates, join an ivy connection or an alumnae chapter! You can locate the closest alumnae chapter using Alpha Phi International’s Chapter Locator. With my mom being a recent alumnae initiate of Alpha Phi, we will be going together to meet the Long Beach Alumnae Chapter, which I am very excited about. These alumnae chapters are not only a great way to keep in touch with Alpha Phi and meet new sisters, but are also a great way to network in your field of study. Utilize the Alpha Phi Transitions webpage for great tips on networking, resume building and starting your job hunt!


Long Beach Alumnae Chapter

For those alumnae who have been disconnected for a few years or have been busy raising a family and building a career, not only can you join an alumnae chapter, you can volunteer for Alpha Phi as well. Whether you volunteer for the regional team in your area, your chapter of initiation or a different chapter, there are always ways to get involved. Make sure to check the volunteer postings on the Alpha Phi website, or fill out the Volunteer Interest Survey to see how the Executive Office can make the most of your interests and talents.

So, if you are finishing up your last semester of college, spend as much time with your sisters as possible and savor every moment. Whether it is a mixer, formal meeting or a simple sisterhood event, don’t miss it! Plan events with your fellow graduating seniors, and don’t miss an opportunity to spend time with the women that you have the privilege of calling your sisters for the rest of your life.

For those of you reading who may not currently be active as alumnae, I hope you check out the alumnae chapter locator and volunteer opportunity page to become involved in Alpha Phi!

Congratulations to the class of 2011!

 Alex Jackson is a senior at George Mason University (Eta Lambda).

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