April 29, 2011

The Legacy of Alpha Phi: Sharing the Alpha Phi Collegiate Experience with a Blood Sister

When I made the decision to go through formal sorority recruitment, I told everyone the same thing – that I wanted my future sorority sisters to be just like my biological ones. So how exactly did my real life little sister teach me a thing or two about sisterhood in Alpha Phi? Today I count down the Top 5 ways…


5. ASK FOR HELP: I’ve oftentimes seen the need for help as a sign of weakness. When my sister moved in, she wasn’t afraid to ask questions, which reminded me that it’s acceptable to not always know an answer. At times, it’s easy to forget that none of us know everything there is to know about Alpha Phi – the sooner we recognize that each of us always has more to learn, the better.

4. REALLY LISTEN: While pillow fights are generally a stereotypical aspect of sorority life, those infamous heart-to-heart conversations really do happen. Except it’s not always about sharing a box of tissues and a pint of ice cream. In fact, the little things are usually the ones that mean the most. For example, my sister is the sounding board for all my big ideas, no matter how harebrained, because I know that she doesn’t judge me for them and that she’s not afraid to respectfully suggest alternatives. Yes, we have deeply meaningful cry-fests together (and those are great!) but the important thing to remember is that when a sister comes to you about something, she chose YOU for a reason.

3. REMEMBER TO LAUGH: One day, my sister decided to share a joke with the rest of the chapter. Now there’s a dry erase board outside her room reserved for the “Joke of the Day.” Everyone walks past to have a little chuckle on their way to class or work – it’s a bright spot to most mornings and the whole chapter has gotten into it. That daily note has reminded me that it’s okay to laugh at life once in a while. All of my Alpha Phi sisters encourage me not to take my life (or myself) so seriously all the time.

2. STAY TRUE: One of the most beautiful things about sharing Alpha Phi with someone who knows you well is that they bring out the absolute best in you. She’s not afraid to tell you when you’re out of line or to defend you when someone else is. Most importantly, my sister has reminded me to be genuine and honest with all of our Alpha Phi sisters, and also with myself.

1. CHERISH EVERY SECOND: It’s easy to get wrapped up in all of the stresses of college, but watching my little sister experience everything for the first time helps me to keep it all in perspective. I want my sisters, whether we’re blood related or not, to know that the bonds we share a special & infinite – an eternal love to be cherished for a lifetime.

Stephanie LeBlanc is a senior at Washburn University (Upsilon).

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