June 10, 2010

Cheers to the Class of 2010

By: Lori Losee (Beta Rho/Washington State University)

As we enter the final weeks of the school year, hundreds of our Alpha Phi seniors are preparing to say goodbye to their last days of being a collegiate Alpha Phi member. Now, is the time to look at the many options that are available to alumnae both young and old.

One of the best ways to continue your lifetime commitment to Alpha Phi and stay connected at the alumnae level is to contact your local Alpha Phi Alumnae Chapter or Ivy Connection (Click here for alumnae chapter listings). These chapters are a great way to stay in touch with Alpha Phi and also a great networking tool. Alumnae chapters provide both social and philanthropic opportunities to stay involved.

ere is a sampling of “The Top Ten Ways to Stay Involved” with Alpha Phi from the 2010 edition of Transitions, The Resource for Alpha Phis Newest Alumnae:

• Communicate Across the Miles: Are you the sister that others consider the main "communicator" and keeps tabs on everyone? Know exactly the sister we are referring to? Encourage her to update the Executive Office on classmates' contact information and create some way everyone in the class can remain connected. There are so many options: Facebook groups, pledge class blogs, monthly e-mails. No matter how you do it, remember it's easier to stay connected than it is to reconnect in a few years.

• Show your Pride: Now that you'll be dressed in "business casual" more often during the week, here are a few easy ways to continue mapping (Marketing Alpha Phi) as an alumna: wear your red dress pin, sport your t-shirts at the gym, wear your badge or even buy new Alpha Phi accessories to compliment this new chapter of your life. You never know where you might run into an Alpha Phi sister!

• Be Part of our Social Network: Alpha Phi is on Facebook and Twitter now so it's easy to stay up to date on Fraternity happenings. Plus, you might meet new friends on our fanpage in your new city. If you have plans to travel after graduation, be sure to check out the "Alpha Phis Overseas" Facebook group. It is a great way to connect with a sister living abroad and to gain valuable travel advice.

More ideas will be featured in upcoming issues of Transitions so be sure to check www.alphaphi2010.com later.

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