June 15, 2010

Alpha Phi Staff Profile: Gwendolyn Hill

Gwendolyn Hill
Gamma Epsilon/Lake Forest

Program Manager: ELCs and Recruitment, it’ll be 3 years in July!

Where do you work?

I work at the Alpha Phi Executive Office in Evanston and I live in Chicago. I also make 4-6 recruitment visits each year. In addition, I attend regional conference(s), Recruitment University and Convention.

What does your job entail?

I manage all aspects of the ELC program from recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, and managing the consultants. I also support our recruitment department in a variety of ways at the office which includes managing the legacy/recommendation process, answering recruitment-related questions, and providing general support to the International Recruitment Team (IRT).

Why do you like working for Alpha Phi?

I love working with the consultants! We have a great program which reaches out to all of our chapters but also develops our consultants to be strong, independent professionals. It’s amazing to watch ELCs grow through the position and launch their volunteer careers after working here. I’m also a little recruitment-obsessed and love learning from every recruitment visit I make whether it’s a new song, a different strategy, or building relationships with our members.

What is your favorite Alpha Phi memory?

It’s so hard to pick just one!! Since I’ve worked at the EO, probably the coolest thing I’ve done is to attend the Greek Congressional Visits in Washington DC. I was one of 200 fraternity and sorority representatives lobbying for Greek housing (for the passing of the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act (H.R. 1547/S.781)). Not only did I get to meet several Senators and Congressmen, but I saw firsthand how strong our organizations can be when we come together for a cause.

What is your Alpha Phi legacy?

I’m a charter member of my chapter which is such a unique experience! We not only started the chapter but began many of the traditions still carried on today. I had the wonderful opportunity to go back for our 5-year anniversary, and I couldn’t be more proud of my chapter!!

What is the future of Alpha Phi?

Alpha Phi is an immensely strong and meaningful organization. We continue to grow each year with each new member class we pledge, each new chapter we establish, each opportunity we COB, each member we retain, and each volunteer we engage. Every person contributes to our success and growth by educating others about our organization and being a strong representative in her community. Alpha Phi will continue to grow along with our membership, our name recognition, and our strong sisterhood bond.

Tell us about your family!

I have an adorable black toy poodle, Coquette, who I’ve had for four years. Both my parents and older sister live in central Illinois. And I have extended family in the suburbs of Chicago, central Illinois, Nashville, and New Jersey.


My hobbies include running, playing in intramural leagues (kickball, volleyball, softball), cooking, learning about wine, traveling abroad, and being an active alumna of Lake Forest College.

Interesting fact about yourself!

I lived in Nashville for a year after I graduated and had the opportunity to work at a CMA after party. Throughout the course of the night I met Jewel, Rascal Flats, Little Big Town, Kenny Chesney, and more country music singers!

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