October 22, 2009

Alumnae Perspective

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Where would your life be without Alpha Phi?

It was the work of 10 young women 137 years ago that has forever changed the way thousands of women live their lives today. As we celebrate our fraternity’s founding this month, we should reflect on how Alpha Phi has influenced each of our lives.
How has Alpha Phi shaped you into the woman you are today?
What if there was no Alpha Phi, how would your life be different? Would you be the same woman you are today without the values that our fraternity has instilled in you? Would you have met and stayed close to your college friends if there was no Alpha Phi? How many of your experiences as an undergraduate or even as an alum would have been changed if Alpha Phi didn’t exist?
The skills and life lessons let alone all of the experiences gained by being a member of Alpha Phi is reason enough to remind us why we joined Alpha Phi in the first place.
As we look back over the last 137 years, just think how the world around us has been influenced by Alpha Phi and our members who have made an impact.
We need to remember these 10 forward-thinking women from Syracuse University who came together for a common purpose and thank them for what they have done to enrich our lives.

Mission Statement:
Alpha Phi International Fraternity is a membership organizationdedicated to promoting sisterhood, cultivating leadership, encouragingintellectual curiosity and advocating service. Alpha Phi develops character for a lifetime.

--Lori Lyman-Losee (Beta Rho-Washington State)
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