September 17, 2009

Inside Story

Kacey Albertine (Beta - Northwestern)
Alpha Phi Intern, Marketing and PR

The following quotes are excerpts from recent conversations that I have had with various friends:

“Wait, is it really September?”
“I can’t believe that we are seniors already!”
“Is summer actually over?”

For several Septembers now, I have, without fail, taken part in these exact same cliché exchanges (with the exception of the word “seniors” being replaced with the appropriate year) for the entirety of the month. Although we all welcome the weather, food, and fashion of autumn, we are hesitant to move on with it and leave behind those precious summer months.

Why do we mourn our summer experience when we can instead take summer with us as we march into September with enthusiasm?

I say this as I am finishing my last week as a Public Relations/Communications intern at the Alpha Phi International Office. This experience, along with my other summer internship, has gotten me excited to embark on my last year of college. Sure, I am nervous to begin my hunt for jobs in the “real world” for 2010 and beyond, but I welcome September because it asks me to start fresh. I may even secretly dub it “Fresh-tember,” as nerdy as that may be.

One of the most incredible experiences for me here at the Executive Office was interviewing Carol Reed. Carol is an Alpha Phi alumna who is the Marketing Manager at Lange Productions, a company that creates patient education materials for women, especially patients with breast cancer. I interviewed her for the On the Go Podcast that we will be showcasing in October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness month. While speaking with her, I thought about my friend’s mother, who is a survivor, and her grandmother, who is not. I thought about how it affects the entire family in a way that I don’t completely understand, and I thought about how there’s a lot of need in the world for support.

Most of all, I thought about how much good we can all do if we take those little things we learn from our summers, whether it be summer jobs, internships, or relationships, and use them to educate others, to contribute our time to causes, to support friends, families, and strangers…to start fresh.

I thank Alpha Phi and Carol for inspiring me to experience September in a different way.

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