August 31, 2009

Call for 2010-12 International Executive Board Nominations

Dear Sisters,
We are just under a year until Convention 2010 in Miami and the election of our next International Executive Board (IEB)! The Committee on Leadership (COL) has been working diligently to make sure that our best and brightest serve the Fraternity in the role of Board member and International President.

The COL invites all Alpha Phi’s to participate in the nomination process by referring outstanding leaders or nominating yourself for consideration for the 2010-2012 International Executive Board. As an outstanding and dynamic membership organization, Alpha Phi Fraternity’s future depends on its strong and motivated leaders. We urge you to review the Knowledge, Skills and Attributes that the COL has identified as qualities that members of the next IEB would ideally possess to take on this exciting and important position. (

If you think you might be qualified, please nominate yourself, or you know an Alpha Phi that would make an excellent IEB or presidential candidate, please nominate her by October 15, 2009, via the online referral form (
). If you have any further questions, please refer to the Alpha Phi website at or email the committee directly at

Thank you for contributing to the future of Alpha Phi!

The Committee on Leadership

Carole Salerno, chair
Bonnie Arthur
Stacey Boulmetis
Holly Bryk
Carol Glotfelter
Kate Halfon
Allison Nash
Kim Watson
Eden Ahrens
Samantha Shulman

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